Guest Blogger: Protect your HVAC System During a Remodeling Project

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Dust is very damaging to HVAC equipment. As a matter of fact, many repairs can be traced back to dirt buildup inside the system. If you have lived through a home remodeling project you know just how dusty they can be. Take some precautions ahead of time to make sure you don’t end up with a costly repair when the project is completed.

  1. Go over your plans with your heating and cooling contractor before you commit to the project. You don’t want to discover that things ought to have been done differently after the project has started.
  2. When possible, do not to run your furnace or air conditioner when dusty work is being done.
  1. Close off the registers in the area where work is being done and cover them to keep dust from being pulled into your HVAC system. If you are running your heating or cooling equipment during the remodel, make sure you don’t close off too many registers at one time. If you’re not sure if you are limiting the airflow in your system too much you can ask your heating contractor to test it for you.
  1. Keep as much of the cutting and sanding outside (or at least in the garage) as possible to keep more of the mess out of your home.
  1. Isolate the construction area from the rest of the house with tarps and make sure your contractor takes steps to control dust for your remodeling project. The area ought to be kept at a negative pressure to the rest of the house while dust is being generated.
  1. The work area should be cleaned frequently throughout the project to keep dust from being tracked around. We have seen the openings for the heating and cooling system used as dust bins for swept up debris. This is another good reason to make sure they stay sealed during the whole remodeling process.
  1. Change or clean your filter regularly during the project and once it is completed. Even a filter that does not look particularly dirty can have tiny particles blocking the airflow. This can put a strain on your heating or cooling system so it is better to be safe.
  1. Consider having your blower and indoor coil checked when the project is completed to make sure dust and debris did not build up. You may also want to consider duct cleaning to make sure dust isn’t being drawn continually through your heating and cooling system.

Don’t let your remodeling project lead to an HVAC equipment replacement. A little advance planning can help protect your heating and cooling equipment from the dust of a home improvement project. For more information about getting the most out of your heating and cooling equipment visit



Kim Nemecek works at P.K. Wadsworth Heating & Cooling in Cleveland, Ohio. After growing up in Cleveland, she lived in Florida for many years, working at an air conditioning company there. Kim has four grown children, two grandchildren and two spoiled dogs. She lives in Solon with her husband, Todd.

The opinions and statements contained in this article are for general informational purposes only and are not instructions. Only trained, licensed and experienced personnel should attempt installation/repair. The author assumes no liability for the opinions/statements made in this article. Any individual attempting a repair or installation based on this article does so at their own risk of loss.



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