Dusty Furnace Problems

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Happy Halloween everyone! Generally, furnaces and air conditioning have nothing to do with Halloween. There’s certainly nothing scary about them, but I’m going to try to link them nonetheless…

In every haunted mansion movie you see there’s always one thing in common. Sure, there may be ghosts, werewolves, or tiny pixies with box-cutters, but there is always a nice thick layer of dust. Dust forms naturally and consists mostly of dead skin cells and settled particles in the air. Normally dust is just an aesthetic problem, or could irritate your breathing a little bit. All in all, no big deal right?   WRONG!

A Dusty Furnace

Dust will also settle in your furnace. Even if you keep a clean home and dust regularly, you still have a furnace sitting around unsued for upwards of 6-7 months. Any appliance will develop dust in that amount of time. The effects this can have on your furnace are about as scary as some of the best haunted houses.

  • The Smell: This first time your turn on your furnace this dust is burnt away. Two things then happen. One, as the dust burns, it emits a foul burning smell throughout the house. Two, the dust leaves behind a sticky black residue.
  • The Inefficiency: This black residue will coat the internal components of your machine. It will limit your furnace’s ability to emit heat from the combustion chamber. Now, your furnace needs to run longer to perform the same job. The longer your furnace runs, the more you’ll have to pay.
  • Biting the Dust: Furnaces are built to last between 20-25 years if they are well maintained. If you consistantly burn off the dust inside the furnace, the residue will compound and compound until an inevitable breakdown. Without proper maintenance, your furnace is likely to only live 10 or so years.

The Solution

There’s no need to channel the spirits, make a copy of a video, or run upstairs from a slasher villain (ugh) to solve this problem. Just schedule a furnace cleaning each season before you run your furnace. All the dust will be cleaned and you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with a furnace guaranteed to last the winter. This is expensive equipment and it is very important that you take care of it.



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